Can I get an “Om”.

Hasselblad 500cm 80mmCF, Velvia 100

Wat Santikhiri, Mae Salong, Thailand.

Early start. Got up before the sun on this day to get out amongst the rice fields and scenery to see what I could do with a sunrise. Turns out that even in the tropics at 8am its really cold driving a motorcycle down the highway at 60mph.

After finding a suitable place to get some snaps, alternating between watching the light change and composing and trying to thaw my hands out, I decided to stop in at a 7/11 and get a HOT coffee. Sitting and sipping the coffee gave me the strength and warmth to get back on the motorbike and keep on trooping.

Upon arrival at one of my destinations I saw a side road heading further up a hill in this already mountainous village setting. My curiosity captured I ventured up to find a most amazing site, with no one around. Wat Santikhiri sits atop a hill looking out to phenomenal views of the surrounding green tea filled hill sides.

The real beauty of this place shined more brightly on the inside though with these large ornate stain glass windows paired up in all four corners. This pictures really does no justice to the light quality and color but just close your eyes for a second and try and imagine. Oh and be thankful that your warm!


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