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Hike to Quarry Rock, Nov 2017

Hike up Mt Frosty B.C., Oct 2017

Out exploring… August 2017

Garibaldi Lake, July 2017

Sunday hike up to Garibaldi Lake, in B.C. Canada.

B.C. back roads, July 2017

Starting to map out the back road options in B.C.. Very good options so far…

SoCal, June 2017

Endeavour Space Shuttle, June 2017

Newport wander, June 2017




Shepherds Bridge and Mountain Springs Grade, Era 1910?

Photographs of glass negatives from Victor Leo Hetzel, showing early transport routes between Imperial Valley and the West Coast.

Quick San Diego Trip, June 2017

Quick day trip down to an area of San Diego where my familia spent some time when we were kids.