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Quake Lake Roadie, March 2017

Quake Lake in south west Montana was formed in 1959 after an earthquake dislodged an estimated 80 million tons of rock and debris that blocked the river and formed a lake. 28 people were buried under 300 feet of dirt as the slide took out part of an occupied camp ground. Now the lake has a skeletal forest poking up through the middle of it. The lake felt both awesome and daunting at the same time.

Backroad exploring, Feb 2017

Quick exploring mission to check on the status of some remote hot springs…

Natural Bridges in Winter, Jan 2017

Natural Bridges State Park in South West Montana. Visited it once in summer and was curious to see the transformation it might have gone through in Winter. Pretty awesome spot for sure!

Drive down to Salt Lake City, Jan 2017

Attended Winter OR17. Some quick snaps for the journey down and back from Bozeman.

Birthday drive to Chico Hot Springs, Jan 2017

Quick roll over to Chico to soak and have a birthday beer or two. As always, great MT light show at dusk…

Big Timber Rodeo, June 2016

Took on the sights and sounds of my first Montana Rodeo. Loved every second of it. Held in Big Timber towards the end of June, it pulled a good size crowd with some great people watching.

Castle Town Ghost Town Montana, June 2016

Took in a wee 7 mile dirt road side trip to check out Castle Town, an old lead and silver mining town that finally fell apart after the market bottomed out on those commodities. The town or whats left of it is actually in pretty good shape. The houses that stand are relatively well preserved and show great construction details, definite home ownership pride. Great to look around, well worth checking out if your in the area.

Sunday ride out to Independence Montana, May 2016

Random weekend ride on a sunday to see how far down a dirt road I could get, and if I could manage to get up into the mountains yet to explore a ghost town and old mining site called Independence. Stopped in at Natural Bridge State Park along the way to check out the limestone landscape and tunneling river.  Awesome ride, until I hit snow at about 8000 feet. Plenty warm but the snow won out….. Giving it another month or so and ill try back.

Driving east- the move to Montana, March 2016

The move to Bozeman took me some 1400 miles from Long Beach through Nevada to Boise and then on to Montana. Nevada is a fantastic place to road trip through with is massive expanse of space and scenery, as well as many remote hot springs to stop at (and free camp!).

Day one was Long Beach to Spencer Hot Springs (39°19’37.7″N 116°51’33.5″W) where I found a spot to pop up a tent and after a soak (had it to myself even though there were a few campers around), had a great sleep. Day two had me up and onward to Boise, ID. So much wide open space and plenty of time to reflect and listen to a great book on tape via audible.

Hike to Alamere Falls with mates, Feb 2016

Had an awesome day out adventuring about two weeks ago as part of a going away celebration for myself. We spent the day hiking into Alamere Falls which is on the coast in the southern part of Point Reyes National Seashore. Perfect weather and a great hike. The falls themselves are fairy scenic as they cascade down on to the wide open Pacific Ocean beach. Plenty of people there too on that saturday…