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SoCal, June 2017

SoCal in Spring

Quick trip to Southern California to see family and hang out. Went for a big walk around Belmont Shores. Some how that place is super alluring, with its relaxed beach atmosphere and the community in constant state of either readying for a party or chilling in the sun. Dont know if i could live there, but it sure is appealing.

I heart donuts?

Hasselblad 500cm 80mmCF, Portra 160VC

Long Beach, Corner of Orange and Carson.

There is that moment when we recognize that even with what seems to be an ever growing interest in dietary consciousness, and all “discoveries” lead us on yet another path to dietary perfection that we still find time to support that which we initially dismiss so readily.

Its a dichotomy to say the least when we walk around a city block and cross paths with a wholefood company on one corner and a donut manufacturer on another.

Our obsession with food is over whelming and we should not let the reasoning for this compulsion elude us