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Summer mountain biking reflection, Oct 2018

Been a great summer. Some visual highlights.


Hike to Quarry Rock, Nov 2017

Garibaldi Lake, July 2017

Sunday hike up to Garibaldi Lake, in B.C. Canada.

B.C. back roads, July 2017

Starting to map out the back road options in B.C.. Very good options so far…

Retallak, Sept 2016

Retallak Lodge is located in eastern B.C. Canada, and is home to some rather well built and varied purpose built mountain bike single track. Staying at the lodge makes life pretty simple for a couple days, rising around 7 to be fed a great breakfast, before loading up in either a van or unimog (you choose), then doing shuttle laps of the mountains diverse network of trails. The day finishes when ever your done and is followed up with some spectacular food offerings. After that its beers and random games before bed and repeat. Definitely worth a look if your downhill mtb inclined and happen to be in B.C.

Hetzel the Photographer- Trip to BC. Part 1.

Looking through grandmas garage again at the stacks of negs from Leo (great grandpa) Hetzel found a stack labeled “Hetzels trip to BC 1926”. I started to scan these over the last couple days and wanted to post part 1 here. I cant imagine how long it would take an older car on dirt roads to get from El Centro to BC Canada. Must have been almost a week of driving.All pictures are scans of 5×7 glass or acetate negative with very little retouching done.