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Some places I have been or plan on going

The Long Road South, April 2017

Seems like I’m constantly on the move. This time, the move was from Bozeman to Long Beach via Idaho and Nevada. These shots are from the Nevada portion, taking in some remote hot spring soaking and some pretty dramatic cloud formations.

Montanese back roads, March 2017

A few different angles of Emigrant Peak, while exploring some back roads in Paradise Valley, Montana.

Quake Lake Roadie, March 2017

Quake Lake in south west Montana was formed in 1959 after an earthquake dislodged an estimated 80 million tons of rock and debris that blocked the river and formed a lake. 28 people were buried under 300 feet of dirt as the slide took out part of an occupied camp ground. Now the lake has a skeletal forest poking up through the middle of it. The lake felt both awesome and daunting at the same time.

Backroad exploring, Feb 2017

Quick exploring mission to check on the status of some remote hot springs…

Natural Bridges in Winter, Jan 2017

Natural Bridges State Park in South West Montana. Visited it once in summer and was curious to see the transformation it might have gone through in Winter. Pretty awesome spot for sure!

Rockford Coffee Roasting, Oct 2016

Couple shots from around Rockford Coffee Roaster here in Bozeman where I work part time as the lead roaster. Super fun!

Mission to Cirque Lake (well almost…), July 2016

Spent a weekend down in the Gravelly range of mountains in south western Montana. There was no real plan, but after checking a map we found a remote lake with some dubious trail marked in about half way. After getting lost in the woods on friday night in the trusty Tundra, we ventured south and eventually found our trail head. Pretty rad mix of trail and bush whacking. All in all a pretty fun little mission!

Castle Town Ghost Town Montana, June 2016

Took in a wee 7 mile dirt road side trip to check out Castle Town, an old lead and silver mining town that finally fell apart after the market bottomed out on those commodities. The town or whats left of it is actually in pretty good shape. The houses that stand are relatively well preserved and show great construction details, definite home ownership pride. Great to look around, well worth checking out if your in the area.

Northern California Coast, February 2016

The Northern California Coast is has a great mix of remote and wild beaches perfect for exploration or just relaxation. Another plus side of being on the left coast (west coast) is that the sun sets over the ocean making for some fantastic shooting opportunities.

Taken at Russian Gulch, just north of Jenner, California, with a Sony A7II, Sony 24-70mm f/4 using (on some shots) a 8 stop ND and 3 hard stop grad filter.

Beach wandering, Northern California. February 2016.

Presidents Day holiday- met up with a long time friend and went for a wander along a stretch of the northern california coast line. Fantastic time on a warm winters day wandering and comparing notes on lifes various directions… All snaps taken with a Sony A7II and Sony 24-70mm f/4.