Trophy Hut Trip, April 2019


Tantalus mission, March 2019

Quick heli drop day trip up to the Tantalus range here in BC, Canada, with some of the Arc’teryx design crew as well as Paul and Will as our guides. Such a rad day out. Lucked out with the crew and the weather!

Medium format shots from Montana, 2017

A few shots that I finally developed and scanned from my time living in Bozeman, Montana.

Bogota visit, Aug 2018

Street art in Bogota, Aug 2018

Robot Restaurant, Tokyo, Feb 2019

Tokyo, Feb 2019

Furano Ski trip, Feb 2019


Old 35mm film

Finally got some rolls developed. Some random shots from a few years back now….

North Creek Hut Back Country Ski, Dec 2018

5 day adventure into The North Creek Hut in B.C. to ski lots and celebrate the new year…