Motorbikes and the art of tourist dodging.

Hasselblad 500cm 80CF, Acros. Circ Pol + 2ND Grad.
Historical Chinese Military Museum, Mae Salong, Thailand.

One of the more unique things about independent travel A.K.A. travel by motorbike is that your able to get to places that others can not when others can not. This museum in the foothills north west of Chiang Rai is a prime example. I arrived here around midday after starting out early that morning. Seeing the sign for the museum I decided it sounded interesting and pulled in to take a look. It was virtually a ghost town. There were vendors all lined up and a few small cafes open and ready but all the staff were either sleeping or sitting reading the paper leisurely. Upon arrival I was given a brief glimpse, and I guess dismissed, as they all went back to what they were doing as I unloaded my camera gear. It was incredible.

The light up in the hills was magic and it was a bright sunny day so all the newly painted colors on the temple/museum were blindingly bright.

I wandered through the museum, reading about the Chinese military presence in the area and listening to a looping recording of a very tranquil chant or prayer (in Chinese of course). After a few more moments of peace several large buses arrived and the place was instantly transformed with food service in full swing, guided tour operators barking orders and people all lining up to get group pictures with one another. Luckily at this point I had seen everything I wanted to, and had had about an hour plus to look around so felt happy surrendering the museum up to the 30-50 people who suddenly arrived.

There is no better way to travel then by motorbike.


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