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Visit from The Wooks!

The Wooks were in town. I was pleased. Much fun and croquet was had…


Trip to Bozeman, July 2014

Headed off to Bozemantown in Montana for a bit of work and a bit of play. I have not been to a place with such diversity of fun, from beverage sipping to lake treading (new and improved with leeches), to hiking, to talking endlessly about fun design stuff, to meeting new people, to discovering alpine lakes, to camping in the woods, to catching up with old friends, to meeting new friends, to a short trip packed with goodness. Thanks Bozeman for showing me your ways and extra special thanks to Sky and Trisha for providing me a place to sleep at 3 or 4am some nights and amazingly good times every damn day. You guys rock!

Wildlife seen: Moose, leech, Bald Eagle, Beaver, Pelicans, Seagulls, and some bear poop with fresh tracks leading off in the grass.