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Drive down to Salt Lake City, Jan 2017

Attended Winter OR17. Some quick snaps for the journey down and back from Bozeman.


Southern Utah, Post OR explore, August 2014

After attending the Summer OR Trade show in Salt Lake city i rented a car on friday night and headed south with a loose idea of a destination. After arriving in Escalante, i orientated myself at the local visitors center then took off down some dirt roads. Explored Spookey then Peek a boo slot canyons before a short drive to hike 3 miles into Lower Calf Creek Falls. All in and around Escalante National Monument in southern Utah. Fantastic part of the world. Theres something very alluring about the desert, all that space and lots of open long views.

Salt Lake City- August 2012

Had some time after the Outdoor Retailer Trade Show in Salt Lake City to rent a car and explore the area outside of the main city blocks. After much discussion with some locals, and friends over several beers I had a loose plan worked out for a route taking in as much diversity as I could in the two days I had. First day saw a drive up and over Big Cottonwood through to Park City then south on some dirt roads, past a crumbling Olympics park and onto Provo. Heading north i missed the chance to see the big mine where all the metal for the Olympics is meant to come from, as it was closing time as I pulled up. Headed north and out on to the salt flats to catch a sunset spectacular.

Day two and I headed out to Antelope Island which may not seem like much but turned out to be rather a trip with its views back to the city across the reflective lake. Heat haze and clouds played all kinds of havoc with my sense of direction. Visited the Fielding Garr Ranch out on the island which has been inhabited for some 150 years. Heck of a place. After a look around, loaded back up into the cool AC of the VW rental and headed to Hill Air Force Base Museum. This FREE museum is freaking amazing even for someone who knows not so much about planes- I mean I know what a B52 is (and yes there was one) but… Spent as much time as I could here snapping away with the film camera mainly. Saw a bunch of old timers that I was stoked to stand next to (and under) before getting kicked out at closing (still taking pictures as I drove out the entrance). Get a chance- do it. All in all a good trip. Less Mormon then I would have thought and a nice way to end a rather hectic week.