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The Long Road South, April 2017

Seems like I’m constantly on the move. This time, the move was from Bozeman to Long Beach via Idaho and Nevada. These shots are from the Nevada portion, taking in some remote hot spring soaking and some pretty dramatic cloud formations.


Drive down to Salt Lake City, Jan 2017

Attended Winter OR17. Some quick snaps for the journey down and back from Bozeman.

Road trip through Grand Tetons and Yellowstone, August 2016

Took a roadie down to the Summer OR tradeshow and then went the long way home via Grand Tetons National Park as well as (swallow) Yellowstone National Park (in summer!!!). Photos all taken on a Sony A7II and all travel on a Kawasaki KLR (approximately 1200 miles).

Driving east- the move to Montana, March 2016

The move to Bozeman took me some 1400 miles from Long Beach through Nevada to Boise and then on to Montana. Nevada is a fantastic place to road trip through with is massive expanse of space and scenery, as well as many remote hot springs to stop at (and free camp!).

Day one was Long Beach to Spencer Hot Springs (39°19’37.7″N 116°51’33.5″W) where I found a spot to pop up a tent and after a soak (had it to myself even though there were a few campers around), had a great sleep. Day two had me up and onward to Boise, ID. So much wide open space and plenty of time to reflect and listen to a great book on tape via audible.

Shiloh Ranch, Jan 2016

Quick two night visit to my aunts ranch in the foot hills near Fresno. Always a fantastic time away with plenty of games, fires, horse and dogs, as well as good eats, drinks and company…..!