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Red Rocks Rendezvous, March 2018

Attending this years RRR for the first time. Got to say im impressed. It was a tad bit chilly but over all a great event.


The Long Road South, April 2017

Seems like I’m constantly on the move. This time, the move was from Bozeman to Long Beach via Idaho and Nevada. These shots are from the Nevada portion, taking in some remote hot spring soaking and some pretty dramatic cloud formations.

Driving east- the move to Montana, March 2016

The move to Bozeman took me some 1400 miles from Long Beach through Nevada to Boise and then on to Montana. Nevada is a fantastic place to road trip through with is massive expanse of space and scenery, as well as many remote hot springs to stop at (and free camp!).

Day one was Long Beach to Spencer Hot Springs (39°19’37.7″N 116°51’33.5″W) where I found a spot to pop up a tent and after a soak (had it to myself even though there were a few campers around), had a great sleep. Day two had me up and onward to Boise, ID. So much wide open space and plenty of time to reflect and listen to a great book on tape via audible.

Sony NEX5 IR converted

A buddy lent me his IR converted Sony NEX5 for my motorbike ride out to the desert. Some great shots came out of it. Really surprised…

Black Rock Desert Ride, Feb 2015

Any long weekend i get i generally try and throw some stuff on my bike and get the f**k out of dodge. This time i came up with the loose plan of heading out to the Black Rock Desert to do some hot spring hunting (and damn fine riding). Super fun. Friday night I stayed at a buddies house up near Auburn, then onwards through to Reno, then north past Pyramid Lake, through Gerlach to fill up and then through Trego Springs and out onto the Playa to head north to the remote Black Rock Hot Springs. So worth the effort. Sunday I headed north west and explored the perimeter of the playa, seeing Double Springs before heading across and fording part of Wheeler Reservoir. Then south to Gerlach and then out to a remote hot spring on the way back to Pyramid. There are soooo many hot springs out there. Great to get some serious soaking done (and due to the remoteness most of the time it was just me). Around 885 miles all up.

4th of July weekend ride, July 2014

Hooked up with some San Francisco Motorcycle Club member, Phil and Dave to head out on some trails in and around the Eastern Sierras. 777miles total. Great trip with no problems.

Eastern Sierras 4th July weekend trip, 2013. Day 2.

Day2: Start out earlish from Lake Leavitt. Say farewell to John and Cary and then head up hill to meet up with the dirt road that takes off to the north. Having seen this on a map a few times and confirmed with Sweeney id been itching to try it out and see where it lands. After several explorations down some dead ends (to see if i could find another way out to 395) I ended on top of a large hill looking north which allowed impressive views of the Bison fire going on in Nevada. Huge smoke plume. Hung out and watched this for a while, then headed down hill to pass the MWTC military base.

Back on the 108 to 395 i wound my way into Bridgeport to get coffee, fuel and take pictures at the rodeo going on. Spent a good couple hours here before heading north on 182/338 to NF-028 (dirt) in search of hot springs on the Walker river.

It took a bit of winding and exploring down a number of rough roads, but the GPS got me on the right track. The approach looks like there is nothing out there but as the steep loose road winds down the valley side the river shows and there are trees and bushes that show up. I had to cross over part of the Flying M Ranch, which is owned by Barren Hilton (The Hilton). Didn’t look like they cared too much though.

Made it down to the river and started searching for the hot spring. Eventually found it. Killed the bike. Dumped my gear. Swam in the river. Sat in the hot tub. Drank some beer. Made a fire. And finally slept. So cool. Peaceful. Not a soul around. Perfect temperature. Be very cool to get back there again!

A few more from Pyramid Lake, Nv

A few more images from a recent ride out to Pyramid Lake, Nevada in April 2013.

Pyramid Lake, April 2013

Took a ride to Pyramid Lake via Reno, NV to see some mates. My GPS did weird things so heres my report with hand drawn map routes.

Day 1: Petaluma to Reno, via Hwy 80. Got into Reno around 8pm and went to a Baseball game with some mates. Drank a beer, watched some big hits. We went and checked out the casinos after that. Lots of good trashyness.

Day 2: Reno to Pyramid Lake via dirt roads south west of Pyramid. Eventually hooked up with a road/trail called Vista Jeep Trail. Super cool and hard. Tech climbs saw the KLR over heating but the driver smiling ear to ear. Short day but beater. Lots of steep climbs, steep decents, rocky sections and amazing views eventually of Pyramid Lake.

Day 3: Pyramid Lake to Santa Rosa. Went- Pyramid > Virginia City (super cool little gold mine town- so worth a visit if your in this part of the woods) > Came down from Virginia City via HWY 341 (WOW! So fun, twisties and lots of riders!) > Carson City > South Tahoe > Davis > Headed across to Santa Rosa via Lake Berryesa HWY 128 and then Spring Mountain road (holy moly these two are good- lotsa twisties).