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Sunday ride, May 2019

Took a quick spin up and over the recently opened Hurley Pass, then on to Mission Pass, and home again down the 99. Tried to find the road through from Anderson Lake (McGillivray) west to Bralorne. I think its there, just needs a lot of work… Some ones been up there cutting a trail. Might not take much, but I got turned around (picture of branches) as it started getting too dense to pass. My GPS said I was 1km from where the road turns into a “trail” (BackRoad Map Books – BC).

Sunday ride with a camera, Nov 2016

Sunday afternoon ride on the KLR. Managed to sneak another short n cold but super fun exploratory ride around the Bozeman area. This time out to the Crazy Mountains to check out some forestry roads, then home via Livingston, hot chocolate and sunsets. Hmmm good.

Yellowstone NP quick camp ride n camp, Oct 2016

Quick out of town break over to Slough Campground to meet a couple friends on a saturday night. A little rain meant we had to make a tent to cook in, but it turned out great for drinking wine and staying dry.

Road trip through Grand Tetons and Yellowstone, August 2016

Took a roadie down to the Summer OR tradeshow and then went the long way home via Grand Tetons National Park as well as (swallow) Yellowstone National Park (in summer!!!). Photos all taken on a Sony A7II and all travel on a Kawasaki KLR (approximately 1200 miles).

Big Timber Rodeo, June 2016

Took on the sights and sounds of my first Montana Rodeo. Loved every second of it. Held in Big Timber towards the end of June, it pulled a good size crowd with some great people watching.

Potosi Camping in Montana, June 2016

Found a wee spot for some high class camping up the valley from the Potosi camp grounds about 1.5 hrs from Bozeman. Great crew, some fun trails and epic setting. Summer in Montana is rocking.

Weekday riding around Bozeman, May 2016

Took a wee trip up north from Bozeman and circled around the Bridger Range of mountains, taking in some fun dirt roads and a wee ghost town called Maudlow, then home in the dark. So good.

Expired and over exposed, Jan 2016

Just got a roll of Ektachrome back from the lab and it turns out that even though I compensated for the aged/expiration date (lose one stop per 10 years), apparently I didnt need to on this roll so the whole roll was over exposed. Salvaged a few shots from a recent motor bike trip around the bottom half of the central valley of california. Shot on a Nikon EM with a 55mm Nikon macro lens.

Shiloh Ranch, Jan 2016

Quick two night visit to my aunts ranch in the foot hills near Fresno. Always a fantastic time away with plenty of games, fires, horse and dogs, as well as good eats, drinks and company…..!

Carrizo Plain and Beyond, NYE ride, Dec/Jan 2015/16

New Years eve break from work. Had 4 days. Couldn’t resist getting away on the bike for a bit of exploring. Planned a trip down around the bottom of the central valley then back up the eastern side and home. Took in Carrizo Plain, Sequoia NP and my aunties house. All world class destinations. About 21 hours moving and 957 miles driven…