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Old 35mm film

Finally got some rolls developed. Some random shots from a few years back now….


Nikon EM film shots from a while back…. 2016

Finally developed two rolls of expired Tmax400 that have been rolling around in my camera kit for a while. Mostly from a big motorbike road trip around the bottom end of The Central Valley of California.

Expired and over exposed, Jan 2016

Just got a roll of Ektachrome back from the lab and it turns out that even though I compensated for the aged/expiration date (lose one stop per 10 years), apparently I didnt need to on this roll so the whole roll was over exposed. Salvaged a few shots from a recent motor bike trip around the bottom half of the central valley of california. Shot on a Nikon EM with a 55mm Nikon macro lens.

Long Beach with a film camera, November 2015

Hanging out in Long Beach, theres plenty to check out. Somehow it just attracts and retains a random but really good collection of old stuff…. Photos taken with a Nikon EM, Nikon 55mm lens and Fuji Superia 200.

Southern California with Film, November 2015.

Took a wee trip down to Southern California to see the familia and do some sight seeing. managed to sneak in a trip to The Salton Sea as well as Salvation Mountain and Slab City. All very good locations and made even better through use of my grandpas Nikon film camera. All shots taken with a Nikon EM, Nikon 55mm micro lens and Fuji Superia 200 film. I heart film.

Southern California Thanksgiving, Nov 2015

Took a trip down to see family and hang out around Long Beach, CA over turkey day weekend. Just getting through processing some of the shots I took on the Leica. Some how I managed to create bubbles in the development process which showed up on some of the negs. Kind of funny and annoying at the same time.

Hong Kong with CineStill Film and a Leica, Oct 2015

A good friend helped me with some film suggestions while I was getting lost in Hong Kong recently. He pointed me towards CineStill films, of which I managed to find at a rather obscure location in Kowloon, called Output Pro Lab (see pictures and description to find it for yourself!). CineStill is basically motion picture film repurposed for 35mm still photography. It comes in two speeds right now, 800 Tungsten and a 50 Daylight speed films. Pretty fun stuff, although I might like to try the 50 next time (shot two rolls of 800), because the 800 is a little noisy for me. OR maybe shoot it at 400 instead. I recently shot some portra 800 and found it to be a lot less noisy. Anyways, fun walking around at night with a film camera taking snaps, while its about 95% humidity, 1am, and about 35C. Ah, Hong Kong, I miss ya already….

New York City, Hasselblad and Portra 800 Film, Oct 2015

Finally getting rolls of color film back from my trip out to NYC in Oct. Was curious about Portra 800 film especially as to how it might work in NYC of all places, at night! So good. Theres some good shots in amongst the rest. NYC takes some learning in terms of how to shoot it. All pictures shown below were taken on a Hasselblad 501cm, with a 80mmCF lens and Portra 800 film which was then scanned on a Epson V700 and processed in Lightroom 5.

Beach at Jenner with expired film, Nov 2015

Took a stroll along the beach out near Jenner here on the coast of Northern California with the Leica and some expired T-Max 400 film (rated at 100, learning about expired film and loss of sensitivity- Every ten years costs 1 stop of sensitivity, so 400 estimated to be 15-20 years old is shot at 100). Also on the way out I saw this Cadillac that I had to stop and take some snaps of. Came out pretty cool. Theres something about old cars and old film cameras that just work together so well….

The Farm, Feb 2015

Couple shots from around the Leras Family Farm (and further south), Feb 2015. Leica 35mm f/2.5 tmax 400. D76 1:3.