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Sunday ride, May 2019

Took a quick spin up and over the recently opened Hurley Pass, then on to Mission Pass, and home again down the 99. Tried to find the road through from Anderson Lake (McGillivray) west to Bralorne. I think its there, just needs a lot of work… Some ones been up there cutting a trail. Might not take much, but I got turned around (picture of branches) as it started getting too dense to pass. My GPS said I was 1km from where the road turns into a “trail” (BackRoad Map Books – BC).

Weekday riding around Bozeman, May 2016

Took a wee trip up north from Bozeman and circled around the Bridger Range of mountains, taking in some fun dirt roads and a wee ghost town called Maudlow, then home in the dark. So good.

Carrizo Plain and Beyond, NYE ride, Dec/Jan 2015/16

New Years eve break from work. Had 4 days. Couldn’t resist getting away on the bike for a bit of exploring. Planned a trip down around the bottom of the central valley then back up the eastern side and home. Took in Carrizo Plain, Sequoia NP and my aunties house. All world class destinations. About 21 hours moving and 957 miles driven…

Eastern Sierras Ride, August 2015

Realizing that we are on the tail end of summer and that the mountain passes wont stay open forever I packed the bike and made a rough plan to explore some spots in the Eastern Sierras. Basic idea was to summit Mt Patterson then head out into Nevada to look for some possible remote hot springs. The Patterson summit was great and I even found a new road that leads up there, the hot springs were unfortunately a bust. Not much out there except desert, desert and more desert. There is something really amazing about all that space though… Picts taken on a Sony A7II, Sony 24-70mm f/4 and a Rokinon 14mm f/2.8. Riding on a Kawasaki KLR650. About 860 miles all up.

Slide film shots from Death Valley Ride, April 2014.

Picked up a roll of developed Provia that had been sitting waiting for me for a while at Jeremiahs Photo Corner. Some picts from a ride I took through Death Valley NP in early summer. Camped at Eureka Dunes.

Labor Day Weekend Ride, August 2014

Labor day weekend- the final 3 day weekend of summer (boooo) and so i needed to get out and explore while there were good options available. Havent really seen too much of Northern Northern California so marked Lava Beds National Monument as a destination and planned on making the rest up as I went along. Day 1 after work was Chico, then day 2 was on to Lava Beds NM, then Day 3 was over to Mt Shasta and then Day 4 was home. Super fun. Great part of the world up there. Lava Beds is awesome. Lots of neat caves to explore (i only checked one out but want to go back), and great camping. The park doesnt get a lot of traffic and is super mellow. Great spot. Otherwise that part of California is mostly agriculture and lot of farm folks driving around in big farm trucks. West of Lava Beds heading towards Mt Shasta there is a lot of great dirt roads to explore. Plenty of time could be spent there on a dirt bike/dual sport!

Mt Shasta is incredible. Theres a parking lot at 8000 feet where i made oatmeal and coffee for breakfast. Still morning with great views of the peak. Lots of wild fire smoke around for sure.

Great trip all in all. Picts all taken with either Fujifilm E-X2 or iphone. Total trip was around 1018 miles.

4th of July weekend ride, July 2014

Hooked up with some San Francisco Motorcycle Club member, Phil and Dave to head out on some trails in and around the Eastern Sierras. 777miles total. Great trip with no problems.

Memorial Day Weekend Ride, May 2014 (Part 2)

Part two of the ride over Memorial Day weekend. All I can say was it was a long day, starting early at Eureka Dunes, and ending late in Santa Rosa. Saline Hot Springs is out of this world amazing…

Memorial Day Weekend Ride, May 2014 (Part 1)

Memorial Day Long Weekend- Made plans to try and ride down to Eureka Dunes after having been inspired by the Dunes in the Sahara I saw in Feb, as well as Mr Sweeney, mentioning how spectacular they were. The route was to be leave work friday night and camp somewhere along HWY 108, avoiding the hoards of the holiday weekend. Then ride east through to Hathorne, NV via the Walker river and then south, via Bishop and Big Pines to head to Eureka Dunes where id camp Saturday night. Sunday ride west towards Saline Hot Springs via Steel Pass, then north and homeward. See the map for actual route. 988 miles all together over 2.5 days. Amazing country. Hope to inspire one or two of you to get out there and explore it. Im thinking come fall I will want to get back to Saline Hot Springs. That place is something else….!

Riding in Morocco, Feb 2014

Collection of video from the 10 days of riding I did in Morocco in Feb 2014.