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Rockford Coffee Roasting, Oct 2016

Couple shots from around Rockford Coffee Roaster here in Bozeman where I work part time as the lead roaster. Super fun!


Coffee Roasting… May 2016

Among other things im now a coffee roaster which isnt bad, considering I do like coffee! Rockford Coffee here in Bozeman, Montana. Come get some!

The morning ritual

Truely there is nothing simpler and yet so satisfying as the process of making yourself a cup of joe from fresh beans and some soy milk every morning.I feel like its such a delight to grind some beans, heat some milk and have the machine grunt and moan as it spouts out another warm, dark and rich brew of espresso. Combine it with a cup of warm soy milk (dam hippy) and you have a thing of wonder. The next step is to sit down long enough to enjoy it.