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Nikon EM film shots from a while back…. 2016

Finally developed two rolls of expired Tmax400 that have been rolling around in my camera kit for a while. Mostly from a big motorbike road trip around the bottom end of The Central Valley of California.


Holga picts from The Farm, May 2014

Through a roll through the Holga at The Farm. I cant say im in awe of the results but then again what was I expecting? I think i missed the focus on a few of these, but its kinda interesting to see what a plastic camera and plastic lens does with film… I still dont know how the camera actually works….

Bridgeport Rodeo, 4th of July weekend, 2013…

Over the 4th of july weekend i was near Bridgeport, a cool little town that sit on HWY 395 in the Eastern Sierras, while their annual Rodeo event was on. At first I passed it up due to crowds and heat, but as the idea sunk in and I saw more and more of these guys walking around with cowboy boots and hats on and NOT because its trendy the more i was drawn in. I stopped twice to check this out, once on friday evening around 4-5 at closing and then again around noon on saturday. The characters were spectacular, the action  amazing and the scene so genuine. Glad to see these events still live on in their authenticity. Incredible stuff. Love to get back there next year and cover the whole event.