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Trophy Hut Trip, April 2019


North Creek Hut Back Country Ski, Dec 2018

5 day adventure into The North Creek Hut in B.C. to ski lots and celebrate the new year…

Sea to Sky Gondola ski tour, Dec 2017

First time back country mission, May 2016

Had the opportunity to tag along with a fine collection of folks on a back country adventure. Drove from Bozeman into the Tobacco Roots Mountains, driving as far up the road as we could before snow stopped the progress, then snow shoed/tele’d up to Boulder Lakes. After a quick lunch break we then hiked up one of the better looking slopes, checking snow conditions first, then railed down. I was done after one run, but a few of the rest of the team took another lap. So fun. Great to have had the chance to tag along with this rad crew of folks. We totally lucked out with the weather. Cant wait to try it again.