Ancient Art and Wall Street, Moab. Nov 2019

Larrys Canyon, Near Moab, Utah. Nov 2019

Walks with Bendawg

Waterfall hikes, Sept 2019

Touristing Vancouver, Aug 2019

Chamonix, July 2019

Attended the Arc’teryx Alpine Academy in Chamonix in July for work. Great to get out and engage with a bunch of cool folks, as well as get up to speed on some new techniques in mountaineering.

Chilcotins MTB trip, July 2019

Great 2 day ride up in the Chilcotins mountains in BC, Canada. Good crew, got lucky with the weather. All went well!

Sunday ride, May 2019

Took a quick spin up and over the recently opened Hurley Pass, then on to Mission Pass, and home again down the 99. Tried to find the road through from Anderson Lake (McGillivray) west to Bralorne. I think its there, just needs a lot of work… Some ones been up there cutting a trail. Might not take much, but I got turned around (picture of branches) as it started getting too dense to pass. My GPS said I was 1km from where the road turns into a “trail” (BackRoad Map Books – BC).

Trophy Hut Trip, April 2019

Tantalus mission, March 2019

Quick heli drop day trip up to the Tantalus range here in BC, Canada, with some of the Arc’teryx design crew as well as Paul and Will as our guides. Such a rad day out. Lucked out with the crew and the weather!