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Hetzel the Photographer- Trip to BC. Part 1.

Looking through grandmas garage again at the stacks of negs from Leo (great grandpa) Hetzel found a stack labeled “Hetzels trip to BC 1926”. I started to scan these over the last couple days and wanted to post part 1 here. I cant imagine how long it would take an older car on dirt roads to get from El Centro to BC Canada. Must have been almost a week of driving.All pictures are scans of 5×7 glass or acetate negative with very little retouching done.


Hetzel, the photographer

Grandma (my dads mom) has several drawers full of glass and acetate negatives in her garage. Ive looked at pretty much every single one over several days of discovery in the dusty shady confines of whats left of my dad and uncles old dark room. The negatives (and pictures) were all produced by my great grandpa (my dads dads dad), Leo Hetzel, who lived and ran a portrait studio in El Centro, Southern California around the turn of the century. Last time I was at Grandmas place I picked up a few to scan and review and here they are.