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Summer mountain biking reflection, Oct 2018

Been a great summer. Some visual highlights.


Whistler visit, August 2014

Had the great fortune to take a trip up to Whistler and talk with a bunch of Pro Outdoor Photographers as well as see some of the premier bike events going on as part of the 10 day long Crankworx festival. Have to say, that place surely does know how to pack it in. Great time, met some really great people and saw some jaw dropping riding.

Mammoth mission, August 2013

Tripped over to Mammoth Mountain Bike Park in the Eastern Sierras in August with John and Matt. Super fun happy times for sure!

Mammoth Sept 2012

Epic weekend away at Mammoth Bike park in the Eastern Sierras. Riding, drinking, hot springs in the middle of no where, more riding, some beers, mexican food, pizza and home. Crash.