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Where things are and perhaps where i hope to have them lead.

North Creek Hut Back Country Ski, Dec 2018

5 day adventure into The North Creek Hut in B.C. to ski lots and celebrate the new year…


Skaha Climbin mish. June 2018

Climbin with mates in Skaha. So much good.

Visit from The Wooks!

The Wooks were in town. I was pleased. Much fun and croquet was had…

Sunday Tour up the Sea to Sky Gondola, March 2018

Day tour up the Gondi…


Quake Lake Roadie, March 2017

Quake Lake in south west Montana was formed in 1959 after an earthquake dislodged an estimated 80 million tons of rock and debris that blocked the river and formed a lake. 28 people were buried under 300 feet of dirt as the slide took out part of an occupied camp ground. Now the lake has a skeletal forest poking up through the middle of it. The lake felt both awesome and daunting at the same time.

Quick trip over to Chico Hot Springs and Coffee!, Nov 2016

Decided to bust a move outta town for the election night, and instead soak in a hot tub at a remote location. So worth the drive!

Bozeman Stampede, August 2016

Local Rodeo event held at the Gallatin Fair Grounds here in Bozeman. Lots of passionate and very experienced riders here.

Big Sky County Fair, July 2016

Took in the sights and sounds of the county fair at the Bozeman Fairgrounds on friday night. Super trippy late night wander through flashing lights and blasting noises….

Big Timber Rodeo, June 2016

Took on the sights and sounds of my first Montana Rodeo. Loved every second of it. Held in Big Timber towards the end of June, it pulled a good size crowd with some great people watching.

Night exposures on Hwy 108, August 2015

Took a weekend trip over the hill to the Eastern Sierras from the Bay Area on the motorcycle this past weekend and brought along the camera (of course…). I have a 14mm Rokinon that has a Sony mount on it to fit my A7II. The Rokinon is a super fun and super wide lens I originally picked up to shoot friends mountain biking in NZ. Its f/2.8 so I thought it would be fun to try out some night shots while out in the woods where there is little light pollution from big cities. Couple that turned out OK. All shot on a Sony A7II with a Rokinon 14mm f/2.8 manual lens. The first shot is 20 sec f/4 at ISO1600, and the other two are 20 sec f/4 at ISO3200.