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Vietnam Part 1, Nov 2017

Recent quick visit for work and to be a tourist in Vietnam.


Quake Lake Roadie, March 2017

Quake Lake in south west Montana was formed in 1959 after an earthquake dislodged an estimated 80 million tons of rock and debris that blocked the river and formed a lake. 28 people were buried under 300 feet of dirt as the slide took out part of an occupied camp ground. Now the lake has a skeletal forest poking up through the middle of it. The lake felt both awesome and daunting at the same time.

Potosi Camping in Montana, June 2016

Found a wee spot for some high class camping up the valley from the Potosi camp grounds about 1.5 hrs from Bozeman. Great crew, some fun trails and epic setting. Summer in Montana is rocking.

Driving east- the move to Montana, March 2016

The move to Bozeman took me some 1400 miles from Long Beach through Nevada to Boise and then on to Montana. Nevada is a fantastic place to road trip through with is massive expanse of space and scenery, as well as many remote hot springs to stop at (and free camp!).

Day one was Long Beach to Spencer Hot Springs (39°19’37.7″N 116°51’33.5″W) where I found a spot to pop up a tent and after a soak (had it to myself even though there were a few campers around), had a great sleep. Day two had me up and onward to Boise, ID. So much wide open space and plenty of time to reflect and listen to a great book on tape via audible.

Beach wandering, Northern California. February 2016.

Presidents Day holiday- met up with a long time friend and went for a wander along a stretch of the northern california coast line. Fantastic time on a warm winters day wandering and comparing notes on lifes various directions… All snaps taken with a Sony A7II and Sony 24-70mm f/4.

Grand Central Station and Central Park. Oct 2015.

The weekend after a trade show for work found me exploring NYC with camera in hand. Heres what I found exploring the fairly well trodden tourist trail in and around Central Park.

Brooklyn Bridge and Ground Zero. Oct 2015.

Oh but of course in my wanderings of NYC, in the weekend after a tradeshow for work, I found myself in route to take in one of the more iconic sights, The Brooklyn Bridge. Boy oh boy it did not disappoint either. So iconic and yet so very cliched in terms of photos. I read about a camera the other day that doesnt allow you to take snaps in locations that are “overly” shot already…. This would have been one of those. Anyways, took some picts of the bridge then moved on to Ground Zero which they have done a fantastic job on. Theres still a bunch of construction going on there but whats in place is pretty extraordinary. The line up for the museum is HUGE! Worth the hike (or subway) if your in the hood. Well worth checking out…

Top of The Rock, New York City. Oct 2015.

Had the chance to visit NYC for a trade show for work, with a weekend tagged on to the end of the show. Did some quick laps of the mid town tourist sights and sounds taking in The Rockefeller center on a Sunday morning which was nice, as the lines can get long I hear. Great views from the top, even if it was rainy, cold and overcast. The Empire State Building sort of dominates the sky line but when the skys open up, you can see clear to The Statue of Liberty and beyond. Central Park looks grand too, and it was next on the list…

Bozeman Visit, September 2015

Quick visit to see The Wooks out in Bozeman Montana. Enough said, that place is rad!

1952 (?) Ford pick up on The Farm, July 2015

Mikes got a 52 (I think) Ford pick up that stills runs strong and is still street legal. Hadnt really taken a good close look at it with the camera before so… Shot with a Sony A7II and Leica 35mm Summarit.