Panoramas from last weekends ride… August 2015

IMG_9073 IMG_9074


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  1. Hey Ryan,
    Killer pics, especially the night exposures! Just got back from an
    unplanned trip to Mt Patterson myself, but the moon was pretty full …
    Did you go up and over Mt Patterson …? I have a pal thinking
    about riding through west-to-east in September, but we heard some
    reports of road damage on Mt Patterson this season, maybe below Belfort …?
    I just went up and back from the west so I could visit the miner’s building on my back down …
    never did find/see the register in the miner’s hut I think we’ve talked about in the past …
    Anyway, you rock, love the loooong rides you do and the heroic pics! 🙂
    see you around the campfire,
    — John A

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