Tai O, Hong Kong, May 2015. Part 1.

Tai O, Hong Kong, May 2015: Part 1

Had a day free in Hong Kong on a recent trip to China for work. With this in mind I planned a trip out to Tai O after talking to a few people about the different islands around Hong Kong.

People have inhabited the Tai O area for a few hundreds of years and at one point it was said to be a haven for pirates. Mostly people make a living by fishing, evident around every corner with drying fish and various other sea life. In 2000 there was a large fire that claimed many residents houses, and now there are a lot of mid size square houses all clad in metal (im guessing a cheap and fire resistant rebuild material). It would have been really neat to see the village before the fire as there are many vacant “lots” where only stilts stand where a house once was. Theres also a lot of junk piles in derelict houses.

Id definitely go again but this time I might look for accommodation as I think being there early morning and for later in the day into early evening would be pretty awesome for photo taking.

Took along my Sony A7II with a Leica 35mm f/2.5 as I wanted to try traveling with less camera gear. Worked out pretty well, and made the load lighter which was much appreciated as it was around 32C and 75% humidity…


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  1. Great photos! Tai O is beautiful through your lens!

  2. Beautiful. I love the colors! Great shots Ryan, hugs, cary and john

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