The Farm, Brown Dog… April 2015

Couple of the usual suspects on show tonight. When the cows are just milling around waiting to be milked they are pretty much perfect models as they dont want to wander off and miss out on getting milked (and the grain they get to gorge on..). As for the pigs, as it gets cold they slow down a lot, and tend to be in a big pile of snuggles before the sun has set. So the pigs are also pretty easy targets for photo taking. In the mean time however there is this tour de force of non stop energy we like to call Brown, aka Brownie, aka brown dog, aka double brown… She has more energy then a small nuclear power station and absolutely loves to play. I spent about an hour chasing her around the field catching her between sprints and quiet moments. Then she came back to sit on my porch with me before going to hang with Mike… so good.


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