Black Rock Desert Ride, Feb 2015

Any long weekend i get i generally try and throw some stuff on my bike and get the f**k out of dodge. This time i came up with the loose plan of heading out to the Black Rock Desert to do some hot spring hunting (and damn fine riding). Super fun. Friday night I stayed at a buddies house up near Auburn, then onwards through to Reno, then north past Pyramid Lake, through Gerlach to fill up and then through Trego Springs and out onto the Playa to head north to the remote Black Rock Hot Springs. So worth the effort. Sunday I headed north west and explored the perimeter of the playa, seeing Double Springs before heading across and fording part of Wheeler Reservoir. Then south to Gerlach and then out to a remote hot spring on the way back to Pyramid. There are soooo many hot springs out there. Great to get some serious soaking done (and due to the remoteness most of the time it was just me). Around 885 miles all up.


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  1. Hey Ryan,
    Hope things are going well in NZ-Land … I have about four days off, and am thinking about following in your footsteps 3/30-4/2 … going to try to make I-80 to Moon Rocks on Monday, and then try to find the Black Rock Hot Springs the next day … need a better map, but what the heck … we’ll see … 🙂
    see you around the campfire,
    — John A

    • John, Probably too late and you might be on the road but hit me if you need more info. Should be straight forward enough. The map on the blog shows you all the “hot”spots, and Black rock is not hard to find. Just make sure you have knobbies for crossing the black rock playa. It can get sticky/tricky out there, expect s0me foot draggin, especially as you reach black rock (the actual big block rock mountain).

      Long way from moon rocks to black rock hot spring. Get an early start, fuel at gerlach. Cross from trego hot springs then compass readings will get you to black rock HS.

      Have fun!!!!!!!!

  2. Hey Ryan,
    Had a super-wonderful trip, had fun just riding around and talking to people, and using the silly little maps I had … People would just point and say “there’s Black Rock” and off I’d go … I did Moon Rock to Trego and the rode past Black Rock and Double Spring and then stayed at the BLM cabin at Hot Creek/Soldier Meadows … High Rock Canyon was locked, did you go that way? Wound up riding home the last day from Soldier Meadow, didn’t get home til’ 10pm, ha … Where’s Walker Reservoir?
    see you soon, and thanks for the inspiration, fantastic area!
    — John A

    • HA! RAD! Cant wait to see the picts and ride report. So rad that you made it out that way. Isnt is just a rad part of the world, and i mean world. How was the Playa? Good condition? Many people around at any of the hot springs?
      Didnt do High Rock Canyon. Went back around the other side of the Playa back to Gerlach. Thats a LONG way home! Man, you must have pounded some pavement.
      “Walker Reservoir”- Do you mean Wheeler Reservoir? Its this old damn thing out in the middle of the nothern part of the Playa. It was a deeeeeeep and cold ford through this creek. Kinda worried about it but the KLR is all kinds of good! Had to break the ice up first though. Really hard to see as Google earth is not high res but this is where i crossed/forded. I went from east to west. 41.118544, -119.099780
      Man, glad you got out there. And yeah, isnt it cool how nice people are out there. I was given so many beers at various spots. Pretty rad.

      Hope alls well! R.

  3. Hey Ryan,
    So yeah, knobbies, but the playa was totally dry, went from Trego to Black Rock Point and didn’t have any issues/problems with mud at all …
    I got lucky and crossed from Double Spring to Soldier Meadow Road
    well south of Wheeler Reservoir … on the designated track that runs south-west to Wiskey Spring that was dry … then made the right on Soldier Meadow Road …
    High Rock Canyon wound up being locked ’till mid-May so I wandered south from
    High Rock Lake back to Gurlach on Rt34/Razor Cnyn …
    Totally fun ride, can’t wait to go back!
    see you soon, 🙂
    — John A

    • Ah, then you got lucky indeed. When i was getting closer to Black Rock the bike started slowing and the revs started going up. I couldnt get any off bike shots because my kick stand would just sink in. Love your shots of the bike in profile. Super rad looking. Looks like your trip was epic! Super stoked you made it out there!

      Razor canyon looks fun. Next time… did you see Fly Geyser?
      40.859322, -119.332379

      Next time!!


      • Yes, I’m getting the idea that conditions change a lot … Razor Canyon sounds cool, and was pretty, but is a big Nevada style grated gravel road … High Rock Canyon is the adventure route with scary ledges and water crossings … Missed Fly Geyser, never saw it til I was looking for your reservoir ford! 🙂

  4. Hey Ryan,

    Don’t have a GPS or the coordinates to HRC, but here’s a link:
    HRC is pretty easy to find … 🙂
    thanks for the cool RR!
    see you soon,
    — John A

  5. Sweeney, where is the entrance road to HRC? Coordinates?

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