Traveling for work- Hong Kong, Oct 2014.

A recent work trip saw me travel to Hong Kong, then Guangdong (China) then Seoul (Korea), then home, all within a week. Bit of a hectic trip and really no decent chance to get out and do some good shooting (after a 11 hour day of factory tours etc, i didnt feel like wandering the streets so much). But, there were a few moments in between hotel transfers or in transit to pull out the camera and at least think about taking pictures. For this trip i rented a Olympus OMD- M1, with a 12-40mm f/2.8 (24-80mm 35mm equiv) to get a better grasp on how these smaller systems work and what the file out put is like. Honestly, if i look really close at the files side by side to others ive shot recently (D4s, D700 etc), i cant expect that they would measure up (they dont- the “grain” of the file is a little squishy for lack of better description) but saying that this system is small, light and puts out supremely adequate images for web use (which in the end is what we all mostly do anyway…). I mostly shot ISO 200-400 and mostly in aperture priority, trying to stop down as much as possible when I could.

Am i buying one of these cameras? No. Would i consider it for the next over seas trip? Most definitely. This would be an epic way to shave a bunch of weight and space from my current kit. Id still take the Hassy for film, but as a walk around “point and shoot” the OMD would be awesome. With the addition of the tilt screen (something i wasnt a fan of to start with), this camera and one lens set up really performs well, especially for over seas travel, where its light compact size and quick easy to use form makes it a no brainer. Tempting… tempting indeed. Need to try the Sony A7r next. Really keen to see what a Full frame compact camera puts out in terms of files.


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