You and me project, with JB from NZ- June (ish) 2014

A mate, Jono from down under came up with the grand idea of shooting a roll of film in both the northern and southern hemisphere and then sending to one another (in other words- He shoots a roll of film and then sends it to me and I reshoot the same roll making double exposures). Neither of us knew before hand what the other had exposed on the role so it sort of left it up to the randomness of the world as to whether a shot worked out or not.

So Jono, being the organized and focused fellow that he is managed to get his roll out pretty darn quick and all and sent it to me. I then sat on it for a few weeks before finally squeezing out the last frame and sending it off to be developed. In the mean time, I am just now getting to putting the roll i shot for him in the mail today. Hope it makes it through to him and he can figure out how to load it and reshoot.

Check out Jonos real work here:

Heres some images from Jonos roll, that i then reloaded and shot again over top. Kinda interesting results for sure!


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  1. Super cool! Awesome idea and super neat photos!

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