Memorial Day Weekend Ride, May 2014 (Part 1)

Memorial Day Long Weekend- Made plans to try and ride down to Eureka Dunes after having been inspired by the Dunes in the Sahara I saw in Feb, as well as Mr Sweeney, mentioning how spectacular they were. The route was to be leave work friday night and camp somewhere along HWY 108, avoiding the hoards of the holiday weekend. Then ride east through to Hathorne, NV via the Walker river and then south, via Bishop and Big Pines to head to Eureka Dunes where id camp Saturday night. Sunday ride west towards Saline Hot Springs via Steel Pass, then north and homeward. See the map for actual route. 988 miles all together over 2.5 days. Amazing country. Hope to inspire one or two of you to get out there and explore it. Im thinking come fall I will want to get back to Saline Hot Springs. That place is something else….!


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  1. Great report and pics!

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