Grannys 104th Bday Party, May 2014

Tripped on down to Long Beach to take part in Granny ma’s 104th birthday party. Tegan catered in style with Mexi chocolate macaroons among other delicious morsels on offer, none of which lasted particularly long. Good crew of people showed and Granny was in her element, hanging on the porch and getting visitor after visitor with well wishes and birthday cards. All around a great day!


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  1. Hey HyRYZ.. Haven’t seen you for YEARS! Really enjoyed seeing some pics of Irene’s 104th. I thought she looked happy…I shouldn’t even mention it but was it the food or the guests that kept her sparkey?

    • Heya Merle!! Good to hear from you and glad I could get you to the party in a virtual way. Yup, granny was in her element as always. The people are what makes it for her for sure. She lives for the company!

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