Great Grandpa- Hetzel the Photographer, May 2014

Scanned a few more negatives from the large collection we have of Leo Hetzels photography.


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  1. Hi. Your Great I grandfather photographed my grandparents and their kids in his El Centro studio twice that I know of. First in 1936 or 37 and again circa 1940. I was wondering if there was an archive of his family photo negatives as I’m trying to track down a photograph he took of them I saw years ago as a child at my grandmas house. Could you be kind enough to give me any info that could help me?

    • Hi there! Great to hear from you about your grandparents and kids! Thats neat to make a connection like that. For sure I can look at what we have at some point. As you can imagine there are a LOT of negs to get through. Do you have any reference photos? Examples of what the photo might look like. Hard to know what to look for as he has a bunch of photos of people. Thanks, Ryan

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