Fools Gold Enduro, May 2014

Over this past weekend I was some how talked into signing up for my second ever enduro event up near Georgetown, California at an OHV area. I drove up the day before with Dave to scout out the site and check into the race and hotel. After getting sound check cleared, and the gas dropped off we head back to the hotel and started with carb loading (aka beer drinking). The next day came way too early as we needed to get Phil and Steve checked in to the start of the race. We had about an hour to chill before the race started where we all stood around a little anxiously watching Daves clock count down.

The boys, Steve, Dave and Phil all were on the minute before me and on my minute was a first timer as well as a seasoned racer. Time kicked in and we were off. Turns out Kamal, on my minute was super friendly and helpful in staying on our minute. I stuck with him pretty close the whole race until we hit a rock section and my bike stalled. With the bike not kicking over due to it being hot, Kamal took off and I was left to work hard on my bike. Finally getting it started I headed up the rock garden around a few other collapsed riders and on to a large rock face climb where I ran into Steve and Phil.

From there is was smoothish sailing as it was just a matter of putting my head down and rolling through corner after corner. I caught up with Phil and rode with him for a bit before departing from his company at some point. From there I worked real hard to stay focused which is one of the hardest parts, and eventually caught up to another rider that was going about my pace. I stayed on his tail the short distance to the finish.

Super amazing race but man its a real struggle to stay focused for that long. All up it was about 80 miles and 5 hours of riding.

Theres a break in the schedule on standard enduros while the family enduros ramp up. This will give me a chance to rest and decide if ill do more…


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  1. Hey Ryan,

    You Rock, so proud of your finish, you’ll be B Class before you know it!

    — Cary and John A

  2. Not just 1st in C Vet but 1st in C class overall! Dude great job, congratulations!

  3. Congrats….Great result for you Ryan!!

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