Eastern Sierras 4th July weekend trip, 2013. Day 2.

Day2: Start out earlish from Lake Leavitt. Say farewell to John and Cary and then head up hill to meet up with the dirt road that takes off to the north. Having seen this on a map a few times and confirmed with Sweeney id been itching to try it out and see where it lands. After several explorations down some dead ends (to see if i could find another way out to 395) I ended on top of a large hill looking north which allowed impressive views of the Bison fire going on in Nevada. Huge smoke plume. Hung out and watched this for a while, then headed down hill to pass the MWTC military base.

Back on the 108 to 395 i wound my way into Bridgeport to get coffee, fuel and take pictures at the rodeo going on. Spent a good couple hours here before heading north on 182/338 to NF-028 (dirt) in search of hot springs on the Walker river.

It took a bit of winding and exploring down a number of rough roads, but the GPS got me on the right track. The approach looks like there is nothing out there but as the steep loose road winds down the valley side the river shows and there are trees and bushes that show up. I had to cross over part of the Flying M Ranch, which is owned by Barren Hilton (The Hilton). Didn’t look like they cared too much though.

Made it down to the river and started searching for the hot spring. Eventually found it. Killed the bike. Dumped my gear. Swam in the river. Sat in the hot tub. Drank some beer. Made a fire. And finally slept. So cool. Peaceful. Not a soul around. Perfect temperature. Be very cool to get back there again!


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