Pyramid Lake, April 2013

Took a ride to Pyramid Lake via Reno, NV to see some mates. My GPS did weird things so heres my report with hand drawn map routes.

Day 1: Petaluma to Reno, via Hwy 80. Got into Reno around 8pm and went to a Baseball game with some mates. Drank a beer, watched some big hits. We went and checked out the casinos after that. Lots of good trashyness.

Day 2: Reno to Pyramid Lake via dirt roads south west of Pyramid. Eventually hooked up with a road/trail called Vista Jeep Trail. Super cool and hard. Tech climbs saw the KLR over heating but the driver smiling ear to ear. Short day but beater. Lots of steep climbs, steep decents, rocky sections and amazing views eventually of Pyramid Lake.

Day 3: Pyramid Lake to Santa Rosa. Went- Pyramid > Virginia City (super cool little gold mine town- so worth a visit if your in this part of the woods) > Came down from Virginia City via HWY 341 (WOW! So fun, twisties and lots of riders!) > Carson City > South Tahoe > Davis > Headed across to Santa Rosa via Lake Berryesa HWY 128 and then Spring Mountain road (holy moly these two are good- lotsa twisties).


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  1. Weird rocks, indeed … KLR Kamping is Kwel … ha.
    Fun hanging out with you this weekend!
    Thanks for posting all the pics … gotta get out that way myself soon …
    see you around the campfire!
    — John A

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