5 Things to learn from a master

Having recently watched an older interview with Henri Cartier Bresson I thought id stop and reflect on some of what I took away from what was said.

1) You’re Not Good: 

Never think that you’re good- to think that you’re good at what you do will bring only complacency. Be your own critique and keep working at becoming good.

2) You’re Not a Photographer: 

Dont call yourself a photographer. You’re not. The sooner you stop using this identification the sooner you get to explore your creativity without bounds.

3) You’re Getting in the Way of Your Work: 

There is nothing in your way but yourself. Seriously. The difference between your work and someone whos work you appreciate and is widely recognized is your approach. How to get there is basic. Work towards your vision- see point #1. Be unreasonable with the effort you put in. Expect more from yourself always. Take more pictures but critique these. Look at them and learn what works. Take this with you and accumulate all that parts that work. Let go of that which doesn’t work. It will only slow you down to getting where you want to be.

4) Go Do Something Else: 

Do other things for your creative output. Do other things. Write, read, dance, meditate, travel, hike, bike, sing, drink coffee. Do other things this way you will keep your perspective on life more fresh. Heck you might even learn a thing or two. The way you see the world is the way you shoot it. And your version of the world is crafted by your experience. Therefore, and I hate to repeat myself, do more then just shoot. Widen your view and experience.

5) Dont Do It for Anyone: 

Dont do it for anyone else. Do it because you cant not do it. Think about it. Could you give it up? If you can envision your life without it then maybe its not so right for you. Keep looking. If this is something you couldn’t live without, good, now treat it that way.


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  1. The contraction for “you are” is spelled “you’re” not “your.”

  2. So the summation of your summation is “You’re shit, do better but only if you want/need to”……which is kind of how I’ve been feeling about my stuff.

    • Come now MR B. Id say its a balance. Somewhere between being on edge/tempted to fall/close to throwing in the towel and being OK with exactly where you stand. Id say you are close to that. Which is great! Would you really have the same energy to throw down on your work if you WERE happy with it as it was?

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