Eastern Sierras Labor Day Weekend Ride- Part 3

Day 2 (part 2): After reaching Bald Mountain and taking in the 360 views (i could see Mammoth mountain, Lake Mono and Lake Crowly to the south. Headed back down on the dirt road to reconnect with 120 before heading north and east on 6 then south on 264. Yeah made it to Nevada. There really is nothing out there. And the roads are all so dam straight!

The plan was to find Wyman Creek road which would get me to the top of the mountain range (by the Bristlecones) then down Silver Canyon Road to Bishop. Notes on this route : 1) 264 is a bad approach. Its long and straight and long. And did i mention its long (coming from the north). It would be better to ride to Bishop, ride over the mountain range and then come back the same way (met some dirt bikers from Bishop doing just this). 2) Wyman Creek road is epic dual sport territory!!! Met a freight train of GS riders coming the other way so its doable on any steed. Lots of creek crossings, creek riding, rocky switchbacks, views, dirt and fun. I would rate this 4 out of 5. 3) Silver Canyon road is extremely steep. I dont know if id be keen to ride up it, but id try. I wouldnt want to meet a 4×4 coming up on some of those tight corners. That would make life difficult for both partys. Fairly exposed riding.

Made it to Bishop, then north to crash and shower (yeah!) at Mammoth lakes.


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