Memorial Day Ride, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend, May 26-27-28, 2012.

Planned to take a trip into the hills, hit some dirt and then meet some friends. The infamous Memorial Day weather rolled in just as I had been told it would, and took me by surprise.

Friday: Left work at 4pm and south on the 101 and then eventually connected with the 12 and then 88. Grabbed some quick grub and hit the hills.

Friday cont.: Racing against the fading light with my aim to reach Lake Caples I pushed on as the temperature slowly dropped, and the altitude slowly climbed. Soon enough white stuff started to appear on the sides of the road, slowing my progress, which was then followed shortly after by sleet, snow and hail coming from the darkening sky. My hands began to go numb, my legs turning cool, and my core temperature started to drop. I kept my bike within a safe speed as the road was getting rather treacherous, with ice and snow forming quickly. My face mask was constantly icing up and needed to be cleared constantly. At the point where I started to actually have some fear for my safety I saw a sign for Kirkwood, and i pulled in. Not knowing what was on offer for accommodation I stopped at the first place that looked open. There was no one there but the lobby of the this condo rental place was a gift compared to the snowy dark environment I had just endured. It took about an hour for my hands to thaw out and i had to pace to keep from feeling sick.

With no one around and no one answering the phones I ended up sleeping in the underground garage which was surprisingly cozy.

Saturday: Up at the crack of dawn to greet the fresh snow and bitter cold morning, I headed up east ward, hit with further snow flurrys and patchy sunny spots. Eventually i made it around the eastern shore of Lake Tahoe, and then down the 80 to visit a friend and thaw out!

Monday: Headed back homeward via highway 20. Uneventful but a fun warm ride with a few stops along the way to take in the sights.


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