Journey to China. Roll 1 of 3.

Recently spent a week in China and Hong Kong for work. What an experience and an eye opener to the Chinese culture. Hong Kong is a giant mall with a new person walking past you every 3 seconds, but China, or at least southern China is something altogether different. The beauty there is somewhat more subtle and takes a while to get used to. Waking early everyday (darn time zone change?) id wander watching and wondering what motivates and allures people there to rise everyday. What do people think about, hope for and dream about? Most likely the same things we all do, its a universal thing this human nature, but still I wondered. The culture is so different, the people so distant (to my understanding) and the landscape so saturated. I still dont have a firm grasp or understanding of what I saw there. Best have more conversations and perhaps a few more trips (inevitable).

Screwed the pooch on the three rolls I took while there. Who in their right mind thinks a ratio of 1:3 means 3 parts to 30. I mean really. Well obviously in my time zoned state i did. While some what recoverable by scan, I have no doubt these thin negs would be a right pain in the ass to print. We will see.

More soon…


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