Ho Hum…

Spent the day wandering the streets of downtown San Francisco a week ago on a nice wintery saturday. Took BART into the city, because people watching is always so much more interesting on BART then in my car, sitting in the toll booth line to cross the bay. Got off at 16th and Misson heading straight into the heart of hipsterville and mission. Pretty good way to kick off said walk. Meandered all over the area, trying to remember where a certain coffee shop was, until finally giving up and taking inspiration from a scene i saw unfolding across the street (to shoot of course) I came across the coffee shop I was looking for, Four Barrels. Spent an hour or two hanging there before heading down to downtown and down Market street. There is an area on upper Market where there are chess boards are all set up and people of all walks of life challenge each other mentally there. Fascinating to watch but not just for the game. Began to feel the pangs of hunger and decided that the day was indeed over, so headed back to the East Bay. San Francisco is an open book in terms of potential. Cant wait to get back.

Leica M6, 35mm f/2.5, Tmax 400 (D76 1:3 15 mins)


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