Neither here nor there…

Twenty Nine Palms. July 2011.

I recently watch a movie called The Magic Trip, and the main character is Ken Kesey who is more well know for his book One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1962). Anyway in the movie he talked a lot about writing and his approach to it which was interesting considering my rekindled enthusiasm for it. He then went on to explain some of the opening scenes to said book (now movie) which involves a large Indian man ripping a sink out of the floor then throwing it through the window, to escape.

After describing the scene somewhat graphically he then goes on to talk about how he has no idea who the Indian was or how he showed up in the book. Heck he doesn’t even know any Indians. Then he quickly comes to realize that the first 3 pages or chapters were written while he was tripping on peyote.

As you might imagine the story unravels from there.


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