The old man.

The old man sat somewhat uncomfortably on the thin wooden slab of wood that passed for a bench, propped up on an old rotting tree trunk. He took in his surroundings looking out upon the small lake. A mosquito buzzed around his ear and he waved it away. The heat was stifling and he should feel the sweat begin to run down his back making his already dam clothing even more wet. At this point he cared little and even contemplated stripping off if it weren’t for the bugs.


Standing again, his back sore as he stretched and straightened his rickety old spine he slowly crept down the bank towards the waters edge. Near the sides of the small lake there was an abundance of green reeds and plants nearly choking the waters surface. Bare foot as he had stripped off his shoes earlier while navigating a small bog, the mud being deeper then he anticipated he slowly waded in to the lake. The cool water soothed his raw and tender feet and legs and he took a moment to stop and enjoy the relief. After he had stood motionless for a while he came back to reality and moved on realizing that there wasn’t much time left. He had to keep moving. There was just too much to get down before the sun dipped behind the tree line. He had a few hours left; yet. He moved further into the pool wading up to his chest. The water was still and he felt the weeds brushing against his legs. The water was now up to this shoulders cooling his core and making his heat concerns drift away.


Now he was here. He was where he’d planned on being for sometime. Finally in the place he has been visualizing for the last year. This place, this moment in his mind for so long and so important. Now he was here. It felt unreal. He felt like he couldn’t quite believe it yet. He looked around. The day was still, absolutely. There was not a cloud in the sky and no wind what so ever. He surveyed the lakes surroundings, the grasslands near the shore, the tree line surrounding one side of the lake. Its at this point he noticed the old dead tree he hadn’t been aware of earlier, which was leaning precariously over the water on the lakes edge merely 50 feet away.  He looked to the top and saw a nest, where he what he thought he should not. There prominently seated on a branch right next to the large bulky nest sat a dark shape. Its focus directed at him. He felt its eyes boring into him; he sensed it without actually seeing its eyes. The rest of the world slowly slipped away into blackness as he became intently focused on what was before him. It was just him and this creature.


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