Whats there and whats not.

Bus #40, Oakland. July 2011.

The cityscape is just the blank canvas. Sometimes you just
stare at the blank canvas and other times you need to engage with it,
communicate with it, paint on it. And it’s at this point that the
people become your medium, your paints, with every color possible
within your grasp. You just need to see it there before you. Buildings
are the texture of the canvas, great to stare at for a while but by no
means an engaging subject.

I see those paints. I sense the textures. I feel compositions. And yet
they all seem to elude me, somehow seen and not recorded. Somehow
experienced but not remembered. Hoping that a change of tools and
tactics will bring about change. The potential sits there before me,
ready. It’s me that holds the keys to that locked door.


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