Fun times in Redneck country.

Hasselblad 500cm 80mmCF, Acros

Monterey Highway, South Bay area of the San Francisco Bay area.

Now this one could not have been orchestrated better.

Ive seen these cars here before and for some reason lately ive needed to shoot old cars, cant question the wants of a impulse right? Anyway, pull up, wander down the road to get this shot. As im setting up this rough red neck looking dude (im not judging, he was both for sure) gets in his truck not 20 feet from me. Id tried nodding at him as I walked by but he just looked away.

Anyway, he gets in his truck and proceeds to do burn outs in the dirt so as to cover me and my camera in dust. He did this three times, before I stood up and just glared at him. I could see him checking in the rear view and everything. Asshole. Thats all he was on that day, perhaps on another day he is a nice respectful person but that day in June he was pure and simply an asshole.

So he finally leaves and I turn to shoot the cars after blowing and wiping off dust from my camera and lens and then these dogs show up right in front of me. At this point im like “what ever” BUT upon looking at the shot after its perfect.

AND, check the license plate! Didnt script that one.


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