Handheld hassy.

Hasselblad 500cm 80mmCF, Acros.
Sam Neua, Northern Laos.

This came out great. Well at least to me it did. After 1000 kilometers on a bike then a further 2 weeks of travel, a 14 hour flight, and another week of waiting I finally got back my negs from the trip. Then another 2-3 days of solid scanning I got to actually see some of the shots that went down on the “trip”.

This one I was always going to be curious about. On the way to the market on an afternoon of another otherwise nondescript day (Hands up those who know what day it is when on holiday), I asked a few people if I could take their picture and even though we were miles from any real tourist centers and I hadnt seen a westerner for the last day or two, I still was turned down. People stared at me but didnt want to get their picture taken. Oh well. Thats all part of it I guess. For every good photo theres 2-5 rejections (or denials for use of a less negative word). Anyway, after several denials on the way to a local market for snacks I decided to take things into my own hands so I scale focused, locked the mirror up and as I walked along behind this group I snapped, guessing at composition as I dont have a waist level view finder (PME3 instead).

Super stoked how it came out. Love that the focus ended up on the girl mid flight into a skip.


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