Life in the hills.

Hasselblad 500cm 80mmCF, Velvia 100F.In the hills, on a motorbike, somewhere in Northern Thailand.

There is something very alluring about the simplistic lifestyle found in these hills. Indeed the grass is always in fact greener on the other side. Here I found the people quite happy to fill their day with the general day to day goings on, which could include anything from smashing grass on the sides of the road as part of harvest to directing cattle across the road and onto the next village.

They were also more then happy to stop what ever had their attention at the time and watch as the oddity that was a western on a bike cruise through their township. There was generally a mix of attention given, depending on where the village was or how busy the road was. In most places I would get a glace from the adults and a wave, a giggle and laughter from the kids, which was always appreciated. I always waved back and often used the horn in a friendly manor. There were times towards the end of the trip where I actually got a little more off the beaten track and at that point I had everyone stop, wave and smile, adults and children. That was an amazing way to get through my last day on the bike.


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