Come on in sir.

Hasselblad 500cm 80mmCF, Acros
Wat Khu Ha Suwah, Muang Sukhothai, Sukhothai, Thailand. March 2011.

He waved me in even though I felt like I didnt belong there. Id stopped to look through the gates of a temple on my way into town on a rickety old bike the guest house had lent me. “Come, come” he said in a soft voice. His eyes bright with a sort of inner light and a weathered face that show many years of smiles. He motioned for me to come through the gate and come in, and so well, not one to miss an opportunity I did.

We started with a tour of the outside of a new temple being built then he showed me into the main existing temple. There were a lot of school children around but not many other monks. It was late afternoon.

We went inside and he proceeded to show me his temple, getting me to take pictures of him sitting posed with the alters behind him. Then he had me sign a roof tile to be included in the new temple being built.

He had introduced himself as Teera, and he had been a monk there for several years. He taught written english at the local school, of which he was very skilled. His spoken english was about as good as my Thai.

After an extensive tour with not much speaking, but lots of writing he gave me a Buddha necklace, and wished me a happy new year and good luck.

I rode into town and got the pictures printed that I had taken of him and later the next day I returned them to him, much to his delight.


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