A long smile.

Hasselblad 500CM 80mmCF, Acros
South Gate, Angkor Thom, Cambodia, April 2011.

The usual start. Got up early this morning as I did everyday while visiting the temples around Siem Reap. Started with stiff coffee, and a baguette (thanks to the french influence) then hit the road with my Tuk Tuk driver to look around Angkor Thom. On the way into the former city we entered via one of 5 gates, this one the south gate.

More picts, follow the link below.

There were people everywhere. Kinda of interesting again to watch the hoards move through like tides (literally there is ebbs and flows) while these statues stand long, fast and proud looking out towards the visitors as they have done since created.

This one particular statue caught my attention and upon further inspection and contemplation I wondered what stories those eyes could tell and what outlook on life inspired that smirk.

The marks to the statues left cheek could be potentially be put down to intentional damage done by the Khmer Rouge, as they moved through the area to flex their terrible might.

Angkor Wat and the surrounding area was only really opened up to tourists and visitors after this reign of terror, in the late eighties to early nineties, even though it was discovered around 1860.


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