An alleyway, a moment and a smile.

Hasselblad 500cm 80mmCF, Acros.

Sam Neua, Northern Laos.

Sometimes the easy ones get caught; easily. Wandering around in this small town in northern Laos after spending most of the day riding on the incredible roads and passing amazing scenery, I happened upon an alley way where I saw this lady sitting quietly. My mind made my body stop and I pulled the camera out. As I approached I half expected her to say no (in some way) as I asked if I might take her picture. As she sat there and contemplated me and my large bulky picture taking device she smiled and nodded. It was an incredible moment as I was half dazed from the sun, dehydrated and maybe a little wobbly from the beer id gulped down in my hotel room (had to celebrate the end of another long day somehow).

I snapped the shot, figuring it would be cool to include the empty couch which she seemed to waiting to share with someone. After, as I was advancing the camera she laughed and smiled at me with the largest grin id seen all day. She had all black in her mouth and not teeth. Wasnt sure what that meant but it was a fantastic way to end a wee moment which all came together perfectly.

I wandered off and she continued her contemplating in silence.


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