One more Hot day

Hasselblad 500CM 80mmCF, Portra 160VC

Old Sukothai, Thailand, March 2011.

This ones hot. For sure for sure. These ruins are all on a huge lot and set off and away from the main town. So off I went on that day, hoping to get out early to get better light but alas, public transport it was and therefore I get there around 11am. Its stinking hot already and the tourists gather in clusters under trees and in cafes sipping what ever cool beverages are on offer.

I rent a bike (as you do) and take off around looking high and low for interesting things. Now Ill tell you straight up there are a good many interesting things here. In fact being foreign most everything is interesting, but that doesnt mean its good to shoot. Its all about light (yes JB we had this conversation) and if its not there its not there. But theres the odd occasion when you just need to break the rules to see what happens.

This day i spent wandering these ruins, sticky with sweat but driven on by the magnificence of it all (little did i know what was to come…). Pedaling my bike here and there until I came across this scene. Its been shot before no doubt and I think it will be shot again. But I kinda like the stillness portrayed here. Complimented and subdued my angst to get a winner shot.


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